Key Action: KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Type: KA229 – School Exchange Partnerships
Project Code: 2018-1-IT02-KA229-048374

The project “LET’S PULL DOWN ALL BARRIERS!” stems from the fact that today we face a worrying situation, as many of our students come from disadvantaged environments, there are more and more immigrant students and there is a general halo of discomfort and alienation among young people at school. Moreover, very often students show a number of problems, sometimes they are bullied, sometimes they have to face very serious problems and they don’t have the strength to do that. So, when this kind of “peculiarity” is not accepted by the rest of the school community, episodes of violence, discrimination and bullying occur.

The project is built around a basic idea, that through games and ludic strategies, barriers and prejudices can be more easily overcome, so the project is focused on the building and implementation of some activities such as Life skill games, photography, coding, comics and storytelling activities, aiming at

  1. inclusion, at all levels.
  2. developing strategies for study success
  3. improving educational pathways.


Each school has been assigned an activity, the students of each school have acted as tutors for the students of the other countries, in a peer-to-peer environment that has encouraged cooperation and increased self-esteem.


The groups involved in the various workshops attended and experimented during mobilities in turn have improved their training and become spokepersons in their own Countries for the diffusion of those practices, in order to implement them entirely in their schools.